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GIALLO MORI gravel 12-16mm


GIALLO MORI grit is a product of natural origin with a fraction of 12-16mm. It is perfect as a decorative, mulching or covering material. The stone looks great in flowerbeds, creating a beautiful background for planted plants. It can also be used in ponds or on walking paths and alleys.

Decorative stone by Giallo Mori is of natural origin with beautiful shades of yellow. The attractive appearance of the stone will make it a unique aesthetic and decorative value on flowerbeds, flower beds or simply in flower pots. Grit is characterized by complete frost resistance and high mechanical strength. Due to the low water absorption of the product, its colors do not change drastically. If there are any changes in the color, we can easily and quickly remove them by washing the aggregate. Thanks to this treatment, we will regain all decorative and aesthetic values. Beautiful, multi-colored shades of yellow, perfectly combined with other colors and decorative elements of the garden, creating unique decorative compositions. This aggregate is obtained during the process of crushing thick rock fragments and can be used many times for a different purpose.

The color of the stone may slightly differ between batches due to the colors of the obtained deposit.

Why is it worth buying the product?
- beautiful colors
-natural origin
- complete frost resistance
-high aesthetic and decorative values

Most common use:

-mulching material around ornamental plants in flowerbeds, rockeries

-decorative material, loose around tall stands in cities or gardens

-filler for decorative and protective bands around buildings or fences

-component of rock gardens, edges of reservoirs and ponds

-element of creating garden or city architecture