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OPTIMA universal soil


Universal soil OPTIMA - a multi-component garden soil ideally suited for the cultivation of houseplants, balcony plants in flowerbeds and in...

A natural, multi-component garden soil with fertilizer. Perfectly selected physical and chemical composition guarantees plants favorable conditions of growth and vegetation. This uniwersal soil is fortified with with easily assimilable macro and micro elements necessary for vigorous plants growth.The lightweight structure provides very good permeability and air-water capacity. It is necessary to maintain a constant humidity of the substrate and not allow it to dry out.

The product is suitable for enriching the nutrients of the native substrate. It contains the starting dose of fertilizer, after planting the plants does not require fertilizing for approx. 4-6 weeks.

6 benefits why is it worth to buy the OPTIMA universal soil?   

- optimal composition

- reinforced with fertilizer

- a suitable structure

- very good absorption

- wide range of applications

- ready to use  


planting, replanting, balcony plants, on terraces, in pots and garden plants

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