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Deacidified Peat


Produced on the basis of the highest quality peat, deacidified with chalk.

A natural product, of organic origin, used primarily to improve soil properties, mixing with native soil or as a base for the production of various types of substrates.

The substrate significantly improves soil quality and structure, increasing lightness and air-water permeability. The substrate takes on and stores nutrients and transports organic components. It is great when mixed with native soil to most garden ornamental plants, vegetable and fruit plants.

Why is it worth buying a product?

- light, permeable structure

- an ideal base for the production of other substrates

-natural, organic origin

- perfectly transports organic substances


After mixing with native soil, it is suitable for replanting, planting for almost all garden ornamental plants, vegetable and fruit.

Ph : 5,5 - 6,5