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Soil for sowing seeds with coconut fiber


Specialized substrate for sowing seeds, planting bulbs, rhizomes and bulbs, as well as quilting plants, enriched with coconut fiber.

Soil for seed planting with an addition of coir is a professionally composed substrate indispensable in seed planting, pricking out seedlings and planting rhizomes, bulbs and tubers of ornamental plants. The best quality ingredients used in its composition accelerate growth and create optimal conditions for plants at that important initial stage of their growth. The coir added to the substrate enhances its air and water capacity, thus creating favourable conditions for the growth of the plants root systems.The initial dose of fertilizer meets the plants nutritional needs for a period of three to four weeks.
It is a multi-ingredient, ready-to-use substrate.

Here is a handful of useful tips:
- Coir (coconut fiber) is a natural and fully biodegradable product which has an excellent water capacity and added to substrates improves their parameters.
- When you plant seeds, please pay attention to the substrate manufacturer's instructions concerning the depth of planting. Usually it should be three times bigger than the seed diameter.
- Water your plants only as much as is necessary to keep the substrate moisture level constant at all times.
- Boxes containing seeds sown should be stored at constant temperatures, if possible. A warm substrate and an even temperature shall accelerate plant emergence.
- The plants should be indurated for 10 to 14 days before planting. For this purpose, keep the plants outside for a few hours during the day.

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