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Substrate for orchids and epiphytes


Substrate that has been professionally composed of best quality ingredients specially for orchids and other...

Substrate that has been professionally composed of best quality ingredients. It has a light and airy structure that enables optimum growth of the plants. The application of tree bark, coconut shell chips and pearlite ensures proper air circulation and maintains appropriate moisture level of the substrate. High-moor peat, enriched with the starting dose of fertilizer, provides the plants with proper nutrients so that they do not require any fertilizing for a period of three to four weeks after transplanting.

Here are some useful tips to make the transplanting of those gorgeous plants a pleasure to you:
- before planting put the plant in water for some time so that the roots are more elastic,
- cut the old plant pot carefully apart,
- remove the old substrate, and rinse the freed roots in water,
- cut off the dead and damaged roots,
- put some drainage material, such as e.g. Biovita leca at the bottom of the plant pot,
- put the orchid into a new pot and do not forget to support the plant,
- spread the Biovita substrate over the plant roots and remember to leave the air roots outside.

Ph : 5,5 - 6,5