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Soil for herbs BIO


Prepared substrate for BIO herbs 100% natural ingredients. Perfect for organic farming. It contains natural organic fertilizer.

BIO soil for herbs is ready-to-use substrate prepared and dedicates for person who prefer a healty and pro-nature lifestyle and who care for natural enviroment.  BIO soil for herbs does not contain any artificial additives and that is why the herbs grown for human consuption in the soil are absolutely healty, aromatic and safe. It also proves perfect in plant pots, greenhouses, boxes and containers in the garden, as well as in ground cultures. The substrate has been exclusively composed from natural ingredients thats meet the requirements for ecological production, enriched with organic fertilizer with a high content of nutrients, especially natural nitrogen, and microelements necessary for plants. 

BIO soil for herbs conatins ecological organic fertilizer which is active for 6 months.

Why is it worth buying this product?

- 100% natural ingredients

- contains organic fertilizer

- ready to use!

A handful of useful information:

- growing plants in ecological soil protects natural environment and prevents it from degradation,

- the organic fertilizer contained i the BIO soil for herbs supplies almost 99% of organic mass to the soil, favours the growth of useful organisms and improves the structure of the soil,

- herbs are fairly easy to grow; generally, that are not attacked by diseases of pests,

- herbs feel very well when grown in plant pots, they do not like being too dry so it is important to ensure that the soil is slightly moist, and the excess water can be drained,

- when growing plants in boxes, let us not forget about the layer of drainage, such as for instance Biovita leca,

- in order to supplement the lost nutrients used by plants and washed out by watering the plants, they have to be fertilized in the following way: in home cultures we mainly use organic fertilizers, in garden cultures granulated organic fertilizers are a good choice, we recommend Biovita granulated fertilizer to those who favour this type of fertilizing.



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