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Soil for growing cacti and succulents


Cactuses and succulents in their natural environment grow in difficult and demanding...

The Biovita soil for growing cacti is a specialized substrate developed for the purpose of planting and replanting cacti and other succulents.

In their natural habitat, cacti and succulents grow in harsh conditions and that is why we have developed the substrate which is able to adjust itself to the needs of those plants. The abundant mineral additives to the substrate, such as expanded clay pellets (leca), make the substrate structure porous and permeable. This helps to regulate the air and water supply to the plant, prevents water retention and protects the roots from excessive moisture.
Soil for growing cacti and succulents contains a proper dose of micro- and macro-elements which are indispensable for the proper plants growth.
The substrate contains multiple ingredients and is ready for use.

Here is a handful of useful tips:
- cacti like sunlight so they can be placed on south side window sills and also grown in greenhouses or conservatories. Only grafted cacti with colourful tops should not be placed in direct sunlight.
- do not water the plants too abundantly, especially during winter. In that season it is beneficial for the plants if you reduce the ambient temperature to 10-15 degrees Celsius,
- replanting cacti is best done in the autumn or winter, and you have to be careful and not to destroy the plants root systems, gently remove the dead parts from the root system,
- when you put the plant in a box, do not forget about the layer of drainage, such as for instance the Biovita leca.

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