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BIO FERTILIZER - Granulated cow manure


Granulated cow manure, 100% natural and ecological, with versatile use. It is ideal for fertilizing all kinds of ornamental plants, ornamental...

Granulated Cow Manure, a natural fertilizer by Biovita, provides the soil with the necessary minerals and greatly facilitates the development of the correct microflora. The form of granules makes it convenient to use the fertilizer - just sprinkle it and mix it with the soil to a depth of about 10 cm, thanks to which you will avoid nitrogen losses (it will not be released into the atmosphere), and valuable nutrients will be found right next to the plant roots. The fertilizer is used in doses of 4-6 liters per 10 m2 of soil surface.

Manure creates humus for about 4 years and deacidifies the soil. Ideally suited for use in organic farming on a plot or garden.
The product is placed in a convenient-to-use bucket.


It depends on the nutritional requirements of various plants - 0.5 to 1 liter of manure is used per 1 m2 of soil.

Why is it worth buying this product?

- It's ecological
- natural,
- very efficient,
- versatile in use,


The action of manure fertilizer is long-lasting. Attention! Please remember that not every plant likes soil freshly fertilized with manure. This factor will be of great importance in the cultivation of vegetables - it should be taken into account when arranging crop rotation.