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Gravel BIANCO CARRARA 22-30mm


Bianco Carrara grit is a white aggregate of natural origin. The stone is ideal as a decorative and mulching material.

BIANCO CARRARA grit by BIOVITA is a white aggregate of natural origin. High mechanical strength, full frost resistance and low water absorption in combination with a distinctive white color make this stone an ideal decorative element in small garden architecture.

An additional advantage of this material is that it can be easily washed again after long use, which allows it to regain its full decorativeness. This aggregate is obtained during the process of crushing thick rock fragments and can be used many times for a different purpose.

It is most often used as a decorative material in:

- garden alleys,

- rockeries,

- ponds.

The stone is ideal as a decorative and mulching material.

It fits perfectly between:

- miniature conifers;

- heather plants;

- molded plants;

- ornamental grass compositions;

- component of rock gardens, edges and ponds;

- decoration around tree trunks;

BIANCO CARRARA grit is also perfect as a high-quality decoration:

- terrace pots;

- compositions with other grits, pebbles and wood chips;

- tombstones;

Perfectly white. The spilled out intrigues everyone!

Why is it worth buying this product? - a multitude of applications,

- natural origin,

- timelessness,

- high quality of aggregate.

Due to the specificity of the production process, deposits and the fact that the stone that is the subject of sale is a product of natural origin, the stones may slightly differ in size and color.