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Garden bark ground from conifers OPTIMA 50L


Optima ground horticultural bark reduces the growth of weeds, maintains the correct soil moisture, and is a natural decorative element. It is...

OPTIMA ground bark by BIOVITA is used to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil. It can be used on all types of soil, used on heavy soils, it improves the airing capacity, while on light soils, it stores water and helps to obtain the desired structure. In gardens, it prevents the soil from drying out excessively, protects it from weeds and protects plants from freezing. It is perfect for mulching the top layer of soil in trees and shrubs.

It is most often used as a mulch material:

- around trees, shrubs and perennials;

- in gardens and;

- in urban green areas;

- also used for mixtures with soil and peat in the cultivation of conifers and heather plants.

Why is it worth buying this product?

- reduces the growth of weeds;

- ensures the maintenance of the proper moisture content of the substrate;

- reduces fluctuations in soil temperature in the zone of plant root growth;

- is a natural decorative element;

- acidifies the substrate, preventing the development of many harmful microorganisms;

- economical, efficient 50L bags.

OPTIMA ground bark by BIOVITA added to the soil substrate improves its air and nutritional properties and accelerates the formation of humus, facilitating plant growth. It is very important especially in areas with damaged soil base (e.g. surroundings of newly constructed buildings, reclaimed areas).