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WHITE SKY pebbles 10-30mm


WHITE SKY pebble 10-30mm. It is perfect as a decorative or covering material.

Decorative stone with a very interesting color and structure, has high mechanical resistance. After a longer period, the product is enough to wash to regain its former appearance, shine and effective decorativeness. The pebble can vary from batch to batch due to the color difference in the stone deposits. The stone is perfect for combining with other decorative elements, e.g. wood, stone plates, ceramics. Thanks to its uniqueness, we can achieve unique arrangements of small garden architecture. It also works great on rockeries and discounts.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- unique shape and structure

- interesting color

- natural origin

Most common use:

- mulching material around ornamental plants in flowerbeds, rockeries

- filler for decorative and protective bands around buildings or fences

- component of rock gardens, edges of reservoirs and ponds

- element of creating garden or city architecture