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Vermiculite ( horticultural ) 1-5mm


Vermiculite ( horticultural ) 1-5mm is a yellow-brown...

Vermiculite ( horticultural ) 1-5mm (expanded) is a yellow-brown granulate. The basic form of vermiculite is mined in vermiculite mines. The material is subjected to heat treatment, after which it obtains utility values ​​appropriate for horticulture. It is a light granulate with sorption properties, insoluble in water - hence it is especially valued in cultivation.

Benefits of using:

- for hydroponic cultivation (as a soilless substrate),

- as a substrate component, in combination with peat or composted pine bark. When mixed with soil, it relaxes and aerates it. The treatment is especially recommended for heavy soils. In addition, vermiculite absorbs water along with nutrients and gradually releases them. Such a mixture provides optimal conditions for the development of the plant root system,

- as a substrate in terrariums, aquariums, in particular in the cultivation and breeding of plants and exotic animals,

- as a covering material for storing plant bulbs. The onions should be put in a container and sprinkled with vermiculite. Vermiculite acts as a regulator that prevents the appearance of mold from moisture during storage.

- as an element of the substrate for mushroom cultivation.

Areas of use:

- agriculture and gardening - substrate for hydroponic cultivation, additive to substrates, cover material

- terrariums and aquariums - substrate

- construction - insulation material, component of lightweight concrete

- industry - pollutant absorbent