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Soil for coniferous and acidophilic plants


The soil is ideally suited for planting, transplanting all conifers and acidophilic plants such as azaleas,...

The soil substrate for coniferous and acidophilic plants is perfect for planting and replanting coniferous trees and shrubs, as well as plants that require acidic rooting media: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Blueberries, Heathers and Erica. Their specific and carefully selected chemical and physical composition allow the plants to root well, while the proper fertilization ensures optimum growth and the right colouring of the needles and flowers. The highmoor peat and tree bark that are also parts of the substrate, maintain the proper,
acidic pH of the soil which allows the conifers to best absorb the nutrients they need. Compound, ready-to-use substrate soil.

A handful of useful information:
- while planting, make sure you do not damage the plants’ root system
- to hydrate the plants use only water that is free from calcium compounds
- fertilize the conifers by the end of July, and after that use only special autumn fertilizer
- water the plants regularly, especially in hot weather
- remember to prune the species that require it
- in order to maintain proper moisture level and avoid weed overgrowth put chunks of bark around the plant
- fertilize greedy plants such as Hortensia every fortnight while they are in bloom

Ph : 4,0-5,5