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White Marianna marble gravel 4-10mm


Natural origin aggregate. Often used to decorate gardens and in urban architecture. The stone is easy to wash, thanks to this procedure it...

"Biała Marianna" marble grit is an aggregate of natural origin. It enjoys high mechanical strength, is fully frost-resistant, has low water absorption and is beige in color. This stone is very often used as a decorative element in garden and city architecture. After long use, the stone can be easily washed, thanks to this treatment it looks like new, regains its full decorativeness.

Most common use:

- protective and decorative bands around fences and buildings;

- mulch material around our ornamental plants in flowerbeds;

- component of rock gardens, ponds, as well as the edges of reservoirs;

- decorative loose material around e.g. tree trunks in cities;

- it is a component of sidewalks, garden paths, e.g. in combination with stone plates, wood and ceramics;

- an element of creating garden architecture and small urban architecture.

Why is it worth buying this product?

- the perfect stone for decoration

- high quality

- fully frostproof

- color: beige white

To obtain a nice decorative effect, it is recommended to cover the substrate with agrotextile, and then sprinkle the grit. We can ship a pallet up to 1000 kg throughout the country. The delivered goods are unloaded by a courier (hard surface condition).

Please note that this is a natural product! Depending on the batch, the color may be slightly different from the pictures. The fraction is indicative, there may be slightly smaller and slightly larger pebbles.