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Calcium carbide


Carbide, get rid of the mole humanely...

Carbide, by Biovita, will effectively scare away moles from gardens, sports fields, representative and recreational grasslands. In combination with moisture, the preparation gives off acetylene, an unpleasant odor, repelling moles and other pests living under the surface of the lawn, such as field mice, red voles and voles. After applying the measure, the moles will quickly leave the populated lawns. Acetylene is a very irritating substance, an extremely sensitive mole smell.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- easy to apply

- does not kill

- it will scare away not only moles, but also grubs and field mice

- reacts with moisture

Application method:

Freshly formed mounds must be carefully removed so as not to cover the corridors. Put a few lumps of the product into each open corridor, and then cover the holes with soil without destroying the corridor. The carbide nuggets in the burrow begin to react with the moisture present there. Carbide begins to give off the unpleasant smell of acetylene that spreads through the underground corridors, forcing the moles to leave their areas.