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Ecological fire starter


Ecological fire starter, it is used to light fire in fireplaces, stoves, grill and bonfire.

Ecological fire starter by Biovita, 100% natural product. The paraffin content will guarantee us quick and efficient lighting of the fire in the fireplace, stove, grill.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- natural

- contains paraffin to facilitate ignition

- easy within

Directions for use:

Ecological fire starter should be put on the hearth and then put on fire. After lighting it, cover it with coal or wood so as not to choke the flame. The product will smolder with an unchanging, fine flame, which makes it easier for us to light the stove, fireplace or grill.


5 blisters, 10 cubes each.

bulk packing : 20
qty on pallet : 1200
Min. : 20

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