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EXTRA WHITE THASSOS pebbles 80-130mm


Snow-white marble stone with high strength, full frost-resistance, low water absorption. An ideal decorative element for gardens and homes, it...

The EXTRA WHITE THASSOS pebble is a snow-white, marble stone of natural origin. It is characterized by high durability, full frost resistance and low water absorption. The stone is most often bought to serve as a decorative element in small garden architecture. Thanks to its beautiful, snow-white color, it is appreciated by even the most demanding customers.

After prolonged use, the raw material can be washed without any problems, such a procedure allows the pebbles to regain their full decorativeness, they look like new again. Marble aggregate can be used many times for a different purpose, it is obtained during the process of crushing thick rock fragments.

It looks very nice and blends in between:

- heather plants;

- miniature conifers;

- molded plants;

- as a component of rock gardens, ponds;

- around tree trunks.

It will also be perfect as a high-quality decoration:

- in terrace pots;

- in combination with other pebbles, grits or wood chips;

- next to the tombstones; Why is it worth buying this product?

- The color is perfectly white, it delights everyone!

- Contains shiny particles that reflect light. The effect is magnified on a sunny day.

- High strength, frost resistance, low stone water absorption.

- Durable aggregate - marble!

After washing, the pebbles look like new. Due to the specificity of the production process, deposits and the fact that the pebble that is the subject of sale is a product of natural origin, the stones may slightly differ in size and color.